Punk Riots EP

by 1st Assault

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One night while playing a quick gig, the band and Spectre started getting harassed by the cops and this EP describes that night.

This is a collaboration EP between 1st Assault & Spectre.
The download contains a PDF describing the story in more detail.

Album Review: tinyurl.com/455g7es


released April 8, 2011

TheGhostofRickJames & Spectre (online usernames)



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1st Assault Chicago, Illinois

1st Assault is a fictional, 4-piece hardcore band from Chicago, IL.

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Track Name: 1st Assault & Spectre - Punk Riots
REVIEW BY HITI (music forum user)

Punk Riots – The title track. A big intro filled with heavy bass and quick palm muted guitars. The use of the bass snap to ring out the intro was a beautiful touch. It was enough to bring goose bumps to my skin. The drum work in Punk Riots is so well-syncopated with the bass that you can’t help but realise the pure amount of technicality and precision that went into its writing. You can feel the anger and aggression screaming through and this adds a great deal to the feel of the album and artwork as a whole. The middle of the song show cases some amazing harmonising guitar work which cuts to a pumping bass line lead.
Track Name: Spectre - Crunch Time
REVIEW BY HITI (music forum user)

Crunch Time – More effects to open this baby. Yet they’re placed in such a way as to coax you into relaxing a bit…along comes the bass lead…then it starts. Heavy and thudding breakdowns are this song’s strength as is the catchy chorus line with an amazing high toned bass run. This song brings the darker side of the E.P into the light (so to speak) and in such a way as you’re not even aware of it until it’s ended. The ending features a very dark and melodic harmonizing dual guitar lead. Sexy.
Track Name: No Rush Anarchy
No Rush Anarchy – Effects, crashing drums and screeches. It SCREAMS punk rock and makes you really stand up and listen. It grabs you and (in not so kindly toned-words) says “If you don’t hang on here…you’re f$%^d”. A standout point of this song was the guitars and their brief but noticeable dual lead parts. Teasing each other, one would ring, then the other, and all to the background of a very minimalistic and simple, yet powerful bass line that holds the piece together. Drum work in this piece is very cymbal focussed and very technical which simply re-iterates and strengthens the bass. Very well done. A sharp and energy-fuelled opener, No Rush Anarchy is there to welcome you to the E.P, and with enough intensity to take your mother home and never call her back in the morning.